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About the Farm...

Nestled in the picturesque Southeastern corridor of Washington County, NY, discover your escape at our 1772 Homestead—an enchanting sanctuary rich with history, surrounded by expansive skies, lush pastures, and the rejuvenating embrace of nature.


Although renowned as a premier destination wedding venue, we are excited to broaden our horizons and extend the invitation to everyone sharing the beauty of our space, Immerse yourself in the enchantment of our annual festivals, indulge in the locally sourced delights of our Farm-to-Table Dinners, Movie Nights on the farm, and other magical family-friendly events.


Step into the refined ambiance of Lakota's exquisite 1844 event barn, spanning nearly 11,000 square feet of modernized historical splendor. The ground-level main barn, once the farm's milking parlor, has transformed into a captivating cocktail parlor featuring a striking 48-foot horseshoe-shaped bar meticulously crafted from repurposed barn beams. This versatile space provides unparalleled ambiance, allowing for boundless creativity and freedom.


Ascend to the second level of the barn, where the rustic beams seamlessly merge with the opulence of our magnificent 75-year-old crystal chandelier, crafting an ambiance that is both open and luminous. Adorned with timeless charm, this space unfolds like a canvas, offering the flexibility to transform into anything from a serene yoga center to an intimate dining space.


Whether you're seeking solace in the serenity of yoga poses or indulging in the pleasure of a shared meal under the resplendent chandelier, this space adapts to your vision, becoming a canvas for memories that resonate with the enduring spirit of the barn's legacy.


At Lakota's Farm, we invite you to immerse yourself in history, embrace nature's serenity, and revel in the adaptive beauty of our unique event barn.

Our Story

Owners Kimberly & Alan Finney, purchased the farm in 2015, fully restoring the property to all its original glory.  Lakota's Farm opened for events in 2016.  The grounds are also the home that they share with their dogs, cats and of course the horses too, including the farm's namesake Lakota.  Every animal on Lakota's Farm was a rescued animal and will forever live out there days here. 

Kimberly & Alan's first horses were the horses they named Lakota and Othello who were rescued from a farm where they had both been abused and neglected.  Lakota came with many issues, he is blind in one eye but even more disturbing, he was broken in spirit.  Lakota did not trust people, especially men and would do all that he could to avoid being touched.

Over the course of two years, Kimberly and Alan were slowly able to gain both Lakota and Othello's trust.  Earning this trust took patience and courage on the part of the horses and their caregivers.  Above all, it took forgiveness.  Lakota now accepts affection, he forgave mankind for the cruelties that were done to him and opened his heart up to accept the love they had to offer.  The magnitude of that effort and gesture was not lost on Kimberly and Alan.

"In naming our farm, 'Lakota's Farm', we honor his spirit and remind ourselves daily of rewards that can come from opening your heart."

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